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Combosfor 2 people

Combos are available for delivery and take out only. Applicable delivery charges.
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A choice of 2 soups, 2 appetizers and 2 main courses, includes also Chinese mix vegetables, steam rice and cookies.


C1. Won Ton soup
C2. Hot and sour soup *
C109. Tom Yum Pak (chicken) *


C8. Hunan dumplings *
C9. Hunan dumplings with vegetables *
C10. Spring rolls (4)
C11. Vegetable spring rolls (4)
C15. Fried Won Ton
C16. Shrimp toast
C20. Spicy spareribs (boneless) *
C21. Crispy chicken and banana rolls *
C24. Szechuan style salad with spicy peanut dressing *
C101. Satay – Skewers of chicken served with peanut sauce
C105. Yam Gai (salad) – Chop suey and chicken with cashew nuts and coriander *

Main Courses

C26. Szechuan style shrimps *
C30. Shrimps with « lobster » sauce
C36. Pekinese style imperial shrimps *
C42. Fish fillets sautéed with spicy sauce *
C45. Dry garlic baby squids *
C46. PSzechuan pepper chicken with spinach *
C47. Chicken in lemon sauce
C48. “General Tao” chicken *
C49. Pineapple chicken
C54. Diced chicken with cashew nuts
C55. Crispy chicken with ginger sauce *
C56. Shredded crispy chicken in spicy sauce *
C64. Shredded pork in spicy sauce *
C66. Orange beef *
C68. Crispy beef with sesame seeds *
C70. Sliced beef and broccoli sautéed in oyster sauce
C75. Sauteed string beans *
C76. Eggplants in garlic sauce *
C78. Family style bean curd
C81. Pan-fried noodles
C118. Gang Kioh Waan Gai – Curry chicken *
C120. Gai Himaparn – Sauteed chicken with cashew nuts and crispy red chilis *
C122. Gang Mussaman – Curry beef with potatoes *